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Here we go then…

When you spend so long planning and thinking about something, it doesn’t quite seem real, but in a short while we’re off to London Zoo to drop off nibbles, drinks and exciting secret items for the big day tomorrow. Tomorrow! It can’t be tomorrow, can it? Extraordinary.

In the past few days, we’ve finally admitted defeat on the pencil sharpener front, so to anyone sitting on the top table, the sharpener there was meant to be different from all the others, OK?

We’ve also taken delivery of my finished suit jacket, which after a final tweak does now fit comfortably, and even does up without bursting ;)

Yesterday we picked up the Best Men’s suits from Burton’s suit hire, which we wouldn’t particularly recommend for various reasons. Unfortunately we’d only seen the suits in a brochure and they turned out to be interweaved black-and-white thread rather than actual grey, but they look fine from a distance, where the threads all blend into one, and should look fine in photos too. The biggest down side was that the silver ties we’d already bought them somehow managed to clash quite badly with the suits (who’d’ve thought that grey and silver could actually clash?), so we had to have an emergency shopping session around Bluewater to track down replacement ties. Fortunately posh clothing is about the one thing Bluewater is actually any good for so after some time searching we did find an ideal replacement. Of course, we did this immediately after deciding we were going to be there for the long haul and forking out for expensive drinks to tide us over until we ‘finally’ got home, but never mind :)

Oh, a quick aside I was meaning to post under some awful heading like ‘What you’ve been weight-ing for’ or similar. When the zoolyweds site launched, I weighed 15 stones and 6 pounds, which is firmly overweight. Let it be a matter of record that this morning I weigh 13 stones and 11 pounds, which is still officially overweight but not by much. A victory of sorts, and a fine testament to the diet regime which I really ought to patent – the Paul Speller Eat A Bit Less And Do A Touch More Exercise Diet. Revolutionary stuff.

Anyway, as I said, we’re off to the zoo shortly, with a carful of stuff, knowing that the next time we’re there it’ll be with a coachload of guests, a handful of nerves, a headful of excitement – and a suit full of sweat, if the latest sweltering forecast is anything to go by.

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