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Sunny delight

When we have put so much effort into attending to every last detail of our wedding, what could possibly go wrong? The weather, of course.

Neither of us likes the heat, but for obvious two-hour-walk-around-the-zoo-related reasons we most certainly do not want it to rain on Saturday. Ideally, it would be a bright, sunny day (for good photos and an enjoyable walk), but not as hot as it’s being at the moment.

Well, if the BBC weather forecast is to be believed, that’s exactly what we’re in for! The coolest day of the week, but with clear, sunny skies all day. If this turns out to be true, we’ll certainly be delighted. Here’s hoping…

The forecast as it stands at the moment is shown below. You can click on it to go over to the BBC Weather site for any updates.

BBC weather forecast for the wedding day as at 22.30 on 30 August; 21°C and sun in London

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