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No longer speech-less

Oh dear, I appear to have caught the pun-based headline bug from Paul!

I have been very quiet on here lately, but that’s because I’ve been busy, not because I’ve had nothing to say! My stress levels are receding as my to-do list shrinks: the greatest relief for me is that after weeks, nay months, of procrastination, I’ve finally written my speech. When you hear it you’ll wonder why on earth I avoided writing it for so long, as it’ll only last about as long as a chocolate wedding cake will when faced by 60-odd guests waiting for pudding :)

My to-do list is shrinking rapidly – if I were to write it out afresh it would be no more than half an A5 sheet now, and thankfully most items left on the list are quite minor tasks. My main jobs have been the sorts of things that are extremely important but also very boring to write about, mainly consisting of endless organising emails sent to the zoo; to people with special roles on the day; or just to any guests with questions – keep them coming! Amy Vogel and colleagues at the zoo deserve a medal for their patience when dealing with our eye for minutiae and our madcap schemes!

Today we’ve finally finished making all the music playlists we could possibly need (fingers crossed), and we’ve started packing things up ready to take to the zoo this Friday…

this Friday?! Oh my, I think I need a lie down!

(Oh, and to top it off, my library traineeship finished last week, and I start at university (for the second time) a week after getting back from honeymoon – the fun never stops ;))