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My Only Post

[Admin note: Mark never did press the right button to publish this, which is why it’s actually appearing several weeks after the date given!]

I was just finalising a few things such as writing the card for the wedding, and I came across the card I’d been sent from Paul and Edith for the dlog. So I thought I’d write something before I lost the chance.

I’ve nearly finished the final slides for my speech on Saturday. I don’t really have any time left now as I’m on night shifts from tomorrow which are about 13 hours each. Then I will be on my way to Kent from Southampton.

See everyone soon. I just realised that both best men will be somewhat jet-lagged as I’ll be used to being on night-mode and Martin will be just back from the USA. Hopefully we’ll be able to be at least equal to 1 best man between us!


PS It took me 10 minutes to work out how to actually post this!