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As previously mentioned, the woman who designs Jon Snow’s ties is currently working on one for me to wear to our wedding – hurrah!

When she saw the colours, she actually said she liked them all, even the yellow (which has been something of a controversial choice with no-one except me actually wanting to wear anything in it ;)).

Small portion of Jon Snow's tie from tonight's Channel 4 News - click for full pictureWatching tonight’s Channel 4 News, I couldn’t help but notice the rather nice tie Mr. Snow was sporting this evening. As you can see in the snippet on the right, the colours are rather similar to our wedding colours – purple, light blue, silver and indeed yellow.

So either she liked our colours because she had already used them herself before, or it’s just within the realm of possibility that he had an early prototype of my tie! Who knows which? Actually, the tie designer probably knows which. Perhaps I’ll ask.

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