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Choose our music!

If music be the food of love, we’d better have some at the wedding, really.

Now, we’re not about to hire a cheesy disco DJ with huge speakers and flashing lights to ensure that any attempts to converse with our friends and relatives are made significantly more difficult because our ears are saturated with the pumping sounds of popular dance music rather than each other’s voices.

Instead, we plan to hook up the shiny new home-built laptop on which I am writing this – from the comfort of an armchair while watching 44 dwarves competing with an African elephant in an aeroplane-pulling competition on ITV2 – to the background music sound system in the wedding reception venue, in order to pipe an eclectic mixture of fine tunes around the room at an enjoyable yet unobtrusive level.

(Keep reading: at some point, I might write a paragraph containing more than one sentence.)

Now, here’s where you come in: we’d like as many of our guests as can be bothered to use the Comments feature at the end of this post to send us a message in which you suggest one or more tracks you would like to hear at the wedding – either in the ceremony itself or at the reception. Feel free to explain your choice(s), although this is not compulsory.

We can’t promise to accommodate all suggestions, but we will at least consider every one. We may also be able to stretch to some kind of prize for the best suggestion (explanations may help your chances of winning of course!).

So, please get the suggestions coming in, so we can start planning our playlists!

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