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A shoe-string budget

Well, good old Clarks have done us proud, as we’ve both bought wedding shoes from them over the last couple of days. I went to Bluewater to choose my shoes – I deliberately wore a hooded top just because I heard in the news they’d been banned, although it turns out that story’s been a bit exaggerated.

Aaanyway, I digress. After a couple of tedious hours hunting, I found the right shoes. They’re blue, sparkly and strappy, and have a high(ish) heel, which is rather out of character for me and will require several hours of walking practice before the day itself ;) Those of you who know Paul well will be amazed that he’s bought different shoes at all, since he takes pride in only having one pair at a time (the one disadvantage, apparently, is that when they break you have to wear the broken shoes to the shoe shop to buy new ones). As Clarks had 25% off everything (bargain), that persuaded him to actually go for it rather than polishing the usual pair the night before.

The next stage is for me to go and get my dress altered, now we can actually see how long it needs to be. Hopefully, I’ll be doing this on Wednesday, so will report back then, along with one or two updates on other parts of the planning.